Medical Malpractice

Our firm has become experts in medical malpractice field and works closely with Rina Pienaar, a well known Attorney who had presented programs on radio on this field of law and with a Professor in Medical Science to investigate the merits of claims and advise clients thereon.In the past persons had been ignorant concerning their rights to claim in the event of a Hospital or medical practitioner having acted negligently, e.g. having diagnosed a medical condition erroneously, having prescribed the wrong medication or has (as often is the case) conducted operations negligently, which may cause serious damages, to a person’s health. With the increase in knowledge now available to persons at fingertip persons had become less ignorant and more appreciative of their rights to sue a Hospital, other medical institution or medical practitioner under circumstances in which negligence is involved. Such claims can be made for general damages such as pain and suffering, loss of amenities of life, loss of life expectancy and the like and special damages, including past and future medical and hospital expenses and past and future loss of earnings.