This brochure applies only to debts incurred after July 2007.

Do you feel like you are drowning under a mountain of debt? Unsure of how you are going to survive another month? Do you need help, but don’t want to go under debt review or become sequestrated? Help is only a phone call away. We, at our Randburg office in Johannesburg , offer a service aimed at relieving your credit  burden permanently, without affecting your credit status-,  - worthiness- or record. This service does not involve debt counselling (only temporary relief) or sequestration (insolvency).

A large number of debts are unenforceable due to reckless lending – the court may set a credit agreement aside and you will then no longer be liable for those debts. This will mean you do NOT have to pay for the debt and immediately start gaining some financial freedom. You really have nothing to lose and possibly have this huge financial burden lifted of your shoulders legally, without impacting your credit score or history. Its only a consult away at our Randburg Office in Johannesburg. If you fall into one of the categories below, pick up the phone and call us on 011 326 3248 and find out how we can assist you in taking back control of your life, finances and lowering your stress by eliminating the debt burden.

Do you fall into one or more of the following categories?

•    When you incurred the debt, it was foreseeable that your income stream to repay instalments would cease or be reduced within the period of repayment, e.g. retirement.

•    The credit provider took the income of a person who signed as a surety on your behalf, into account when assessing your affordability to repay the debt.

•    The credit provider did not explain the terms of the agreement to you.

•    The credit provider did not ask you for or obtained insufficient proof of your income, e.g. an official salary slip / bank statements or latest financial statements, if you are self employed.
•    The credit provider did not do a proper assessment of your monthly expenditure.

•    The credit provider did comply with the last two aspects above, but the information revealed that it would be impossible for you to afford to pay the monthly instalments.

•    The credit provider did not obtain or ask you for your consent to obtain a past credit history at Credit Bureaus.

•    The credit provider took into account an income source being paid to you by e.g. a family member or friend to assist you to cope financially.

•    The credit provider took income into account from another person, e.g. a family member or a friend who is assisting you to cope financially.

•    The credit provider granted you credit to consolidate your debt and did not explain that the credit granted by it is to replace the debt being consolidated and/or did not take practical steps to ensure that the credit granted is properly used for such purposes.

•    The credit provider did not explain the various credit costs and total cost of the credit to you in a pre-agreement statement and quotation.

•    You are married out of community of property and the credit provider did not take your spouse’s income and expenditure into account, which is relevant to determine your obligations to contribute to household expenses.

Each and every increase of a credit facility, except for an automatic increase, calls for the credit provider to comply with a new / review of every aspect of compliance, as done when the credit facility was initially granted.

If you fall within one or more of the above categories, we shall request you to provide us with the creditor’s/s’ name/s and your account number/s to enable us to obtain all the records relating to the agreement/s and the creditor’s/ls assessment done, including all documents and transcriptions of recorded telephone conversations which, by law, they must provide us within 30 days.
Once we receive the records from the creditor provider/s, it will be scrutinized by a highly qualified expert who was previously employed in the banking industry to provide an opinion on whether you qualify to have the particular agreement/s set aside.
If the expert is of the opinion that the agreement/s should be set aside, we shall recommend an Application to Court for a Declaratory Order that the particular agreement/s be set aside.
If you have intentionally provided false information or withheld information to the credit provider in order to qualify for the credit granted, you will not be protected by the National Credit Act.

You could be paying for debt that you are not legally obligated to pay for. Call our Randburg Offices in Johannesburg now on 011 326 3248 and speak to a professional.


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