The Partners


He was employed as a State Prosecutor at the Durban Magistrate’s Court and joined the firm in 1980 when he served Articles of Clerkship, was thereafter appointed as a Professional Assistant and ultimately became a Partner. In 1989 he left the firm to practice in Gauteng and re-joined the firm in 2004 as senior partner. He is based at Randburg and specializes in commercial law, High Court litigation and conveyancing.



Shanel is a meticulous and committed professional who from inception of her legal career has continued to serve the profession with the vitality and drive that many strive to achieve, therefore posing no question as to her outstanding achievements in not only being appointed Partner of our Pinetown Branch but in developing the success of this firm.

In 1999, she completed the requirements for the degree of Baccalaureus Legum (LLB) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Thereafter she served as a candidate attorney at Halse Havemann & Lloyd in the year 2000.

Throughout her two year internship Shanel represented the firm not only in court appearances and client consultations, but in building up the litigation foundation of the firm itself, which inevitably resulted in her being one of our most qualified and intellectual assets.

Shanel then proceeded to write the fundamental Attorney Admission examinations and successfully passed the above resulting in her official admission as attorney to the High Court of the Republic of South Africa in April 2003.

Upon completion of her internship, Shanel was appointed as an associate of Halse Havemann & Lloyd from the period of 2003- 2008. As an enthusiastic attorney with a passion for achieving justice and impartiality she established a solid foundation with the firm resulting in her appointment as Partner of the firm in the year 2008, a position she has steadfastly held to date.

Further to the above qualifications Shanel was admitted as a Conveyancer to the High Court of the Republic of South Africa in 2014 and is currently in the process of being an Admitted Notary Public.

Shanel holds vast expertise in many legal fields and is the head of both our Collections and Litigation department. Furthermore she specializes in the following areas of law: Divorce Proceedings, Deceased Estates, Conveyancing, Family Litigation and Civil Court Practice.


Aside from her profession we would describe Shanel as an avid reader and an open-minded individual, who is family orientated with a love for nature.