About Us


Halse, Havemann and Lloyd has been practicing since 1967 and has firmly established itself as one of the leading firms in Kwazulu- Natal and Gauteng. The firm’s impeccable reputation and commitment to service is well known and respected amongst clients and colleagues in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The firm is best known for its conveyancing department which has provided and continues to provide excellent services in the registration of property transfers and mortgage- and notarial bonds other conveyancing transactions and in property law, including specialist expertise in drafting property related agreements, advising thereon and ancillary property law subjects. The firm has been on major Bank panels, as to Absa (initially Trust Bank) from 1969 and as to Standard Bank from 1997and has received numerous awards from Absa for being “top performing Attorneys”.

The firm is committed to transformation, which is illustrated by its partnership- and staff component.

Our motto is that our clients’ best interests are predominant and prevail over the firm’s financial performance. We consider success to be the extent to which we produce desired outcomes in performing instructions. We do not view our clients or instructions as “big or small”, but as being of equal importance. We believe that the firm’s financial stability is an automatic outflow of the application of this principle

We take great care to ensure that the legal costs payable by clients are always justified, having regard to the which may be reasonably anticipated.

The most distinctive and unique attribute that we have, compared to other Attorneys, is that it is the firm’s official policy that the partners and staff members have adopted, to really care and do not have a formalistic, big corporate practice like and status minded approach in dealing with our clients. We are always accessible and keep clients fully informed on progress in performing instructions.

Above all we are proud to be legal practitioners and play our role in contributing to the corner stone of orderly civilization – the Rule of Law and believe that justice must be done and seen to be done. It is on this premise that we can declare, with utmost confidence, that we practice not only with considerable commitment and expertise, but also with honesty and integrity.

The skills, competence and experience of the partners as complimented and supported by skilled staff members in the various areas of law in which it practises, which include not only conveyancing, but various other fields of specialization, including medical negligence- and malpractice claims, High Court- and Magistrate’s Court litigation, labour law, drafting of wills, administration of deceased estates, drafting of commercial agreements, family law (including divorces), establishment of family trusts and advice on the advantages thereof, debt collections, financial stress, motor vehicle collisions, protection of constitutional rights and claims against the Road Accident Fund.

The firm has the requisite systems, communications and infrastructure to efficiently provide the best possible service to clients.

The firm has offices at The Bluff, Pinetown and Randburg.