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Halse, Havemann and Lloyd has been practicing since 1967 and has firmly established itself as one of the leading law firms in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.  Our impeccable reputation and commitment to service is well known and respected amongst clients and colleagues alike. Best known for our conveyancing department, our attorneys' wide ranging expertise and experience can assist in all manner of legal services. Contact us today to find out how Halse, Havemann and Lloyd attorneys can assist you. 

Conveyancing attorney

Our firm has 40 years plus specialised experience in the field of conveyancing and has since been on the panel of various financial institutions to register mortgage bonds. The firm is presently on the panels of Absa and Standard Banks.

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In this day and age financial hardship is being experienced by many persons. It has recently been statistically proved that a large percentage of the population of South Africa is in arrears with payments due by them to credit providers.

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Divorce attorney

Family relationships resulting in divorce proceedings directly influence the lives of a majority of people on a regular basis. The relationship between a toddler and his/her mother, an undecided student and their parents, a husband and his wife.

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